New services for energy efficiency building renovation, such as « One-Stop-Shops », can significantly reduce the effort that renovations mean for building owners and increase the renovation’s quality. In this way, they provide a decisive impulse to increase the renovation rate, which is necessary to achieve the goal of a building stock compatible with German climate neutrality by 2045.

The ProRetro project

In contrast to Germany, One-Stop-Shops are already operating successfully in the building renovation market in other European countries such as France, the Netherlands and Sweden. The ProRetro project, funded by the European Commission, is therefore developing and testing comparable services in five German cities and regions. The project aims to overcome barriers to residential energy efficiency renovations with One-Stop-Shops designed to meet the needs of German customers. ProRetro supports both owners of residential buildings and condominium owners’ associations who want to renovate their house. The German project partners are regional energy agencies and small and medium enterprises located in different regions of Germany. Moreover, five peer partners from other European countries that have experimented with and implemented successful One-Stop-Shop business models support the German project partners. The structure of the ProRetro project is illustrated in the figure in the below paragraph.

French-German cooperation within I-Heros and ProRetro

The German partner in the I-Heros project, ZEBAU GmbH from Hamburg, is working closely with the partners from ProRetro to determine the transfer potential of the solutions developed in the One-Stop-Shop in Toulouse to Germany. The knowledge from ProRetro on German One-Stop-Shops and specific challenges of the German market are included in the replication analysis. A joint workshop has already been held in June 2022 with the German climate protection and energy agencies to present the concept of One-Stop-Shops with reference to the Toulouse model within I-Heros and the model from Hanover within ProRetro (Read more about the workshop here). In the final phase of the two projects, the Wuppertal Institute and ZEBAU will exchange recommendations for the establishment and further development of One-Stop-Shops.

The One-Stop-Shops developed in ProRetro

The ProRetro One-Stop-Shops are situated in Berlin, Bottrop, the district of Böblingen and in the regions of Hanover and Wuppertal. In 2022, they have started offering their services to the first customers. Those interested in refurbishment and wishing to energy renovate their building can already contact the implementation partners from these regions. The key features of the five One-Stop-Shops developed in ProRetro are presented below, while more detailed information can be found at the project website.


In Berlin, with ProRetro, the Berlin Energy Agency is complementing the services of the newly founded information centre BauInfo Berlin with its own service for condominium owners’ associations. This comprises the following services:

  • Initial consultation free of charge
  • Support in finding technical expertise
  • Support in deciding about renovation measures
  • Participation in homeowner association meetings
  • Contact person throughout the customer journey


Building owners in Bottrop wishing to energy renovate their residential building can take advantage of the wide range of support services offered by Innovation City Management GmbH (ICM). The services offered include:

  • Energy advice and status analysis – in person or via video or telephone call
  • Initial planning of refurbishment measures
  • Advice on subsidies and support with subsidy applications
  • Support with finding contractors, municipal approvals and finding financing
  • Follow-up advice and assistance until the implementation is completed

Böblingen district

The district’s energy agency Energieagentur Kreis Böblingen is providing the One-Stop

Shop. Based on existing networks and the identification of a below average renovation rate of condominiums, condominiums have been identified as target group. The One-Stop-Shop is offering the following services:

  • Initial energy advice
  • Participating in homeowner association meetings at the various stages of the renovation process
  • Support in getting technical expertise (energy advisors, contractors)
  • Coordinating with relevant local authorities
  • Approachable during the construction phase
  • Help with quality assurance and follow-up advice

Hanover region

The One-Stop-Shop for Hanover region, provided by The Climate Protection Agency Hanover Region and proKlima – the enercity fund, offers its services in cooperation with a network of modernisation partners. The Netzwerk Modernisierungspartner has been active in the Hanover Region since 2009. It unites energy advisers and architects, whose services are needed in the planning phase, banks and other financial institutions, contractors and advisers helping with quality control and quality assurance. The Netzwerk Modernisierungspartner offers the following services:

To join, potential network members have to agree to quality criteria and criteria for energy efficient and green planning and construction. The target group of the services offered are owners of single- or two-family homes who intend to renovate.


The One-Stop-Shop provider Raumfabrik is a cooperation of numerous contractors specialised on different construction trades. With ProRetro, energy advice has become an integral part of their support of customers and supplements other services:

  • A single contact person throughout the entire renovation project
  • Coordination of contractors and organisation of construction works
  • Support in selecting renovation measures

The target group are owners of detached and semi-detached houses, small property management companies and small condominium associations who intend to renovate.

More details and the latest news on the ProRetro project are available on the website: