Discover our consortium members!

I-HEROS is being implemented by a consortium consisting of partners with in-field experience in technical, digital, social, legal, and administrative issues of renovation, with the support and engagement of local stakeholders.

Toulouse Métropole

Toulouse Métropole is in charge of coordinating and managing the project. Toulouse also manages the definition of the service and its implementation through the local OSS and the team of energy advisors hosted in the « Energy House ». In addition, the team works on the definition of the communication strategy and the dissemination of the project results, on a national and European scale.


Specialised on the topic of energy-efficient renovations, ADIL31 provides neutral and free advice on legal, fiscal, and financial aspects. Within the framework of I-HEROS, ADIL31 relies on a network of 80 ADIL to contribute to the dissemination and replication of the project on the regional and national scale.

La Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations

The Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations provides its expertise in the definition of the financial strategy. Using existing financial tools, they will ensure the sustainability of the service.


Expert in consumption monitoring, GRDF is defining a monitoring system allowing the tracking of the ecological and energy impact of each renovation, to assess the results of the service.


INSA de Toulouse carries out a benchmark on the different renovation techniques and uses its expertise to prioritise summer comfort of housing in renovations.

The Agence Parisienne du Climat shares the know-how acquired through the development of the tool CoachCopro and assesses the potential for energy-efficient renovation in the metropolitan area.

ZEBAU, the energy agency of Hamburg, contributes to the dissemination of the project’s results and its replication potential on the German territory.