SOLUCOP, Occitanie’s first exhibition for Co-owners, Syndics & Property Managers, took place on May 24 and 25, 2023 in Toulouse. Showcasing know-how and innovation for the housing sector, SOLUCOP presents a full range of solutions for co-ownerships, with a particular focus on energy-efficient renovation.

Toulouse Métropole Rénov and the European I-HEROS project were present for the first edition of the show, along with booths from Toulouse Métropole and its partners (Rénovons collectif, ADIL and AREC).

The event gave co-owners and property managers the opportunity to find out more about energy-efficient renovation of their property, and to discover the latest innovations, cutting-edge technologies and best practices in energy-efficient renovation.

For I-HEROS, SOLUCOP was an unmissable opportunity to showcase its strategy, which is based on setting up a one-stop shop offering a comprehensive range of services for co-owners and property managers. The experts were able to share their knowledge and provide personalized advice to help condominium owners and property managers make informed decisions.

Taking part in SOLUCOP enabled I-HEROS partners to highlight the importance of energy renovation in co-owned properties, and to raise participants’ awareness of the environmental and economic issues involved.

Booth of Toulouse Métropole

Booth of I-HEROS

Booth of ADIL

Two conferences were held over the two days:

May 24: (RENOVONS COLLECTIF): Professionals in property, housing, renovation and construction, together, let’s speed up the renovation of co-owned properties in our region.

May 25: (RENOVONS COLLECTIF) Co-owners: discover the key steps to successful energy renovation in our region!

The success of the first SOLUCOP exhibition underlined the growing interest of co-owners and property managers in energy-efficient renovation. The next edition of SOLUCOP is eagerly awaited, offering new opportunities for discovery, exchange and synergy as we continue to transform co-ownership properties into energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly spaces.