The first day of SOLUCOP, Occitanie’s first exhibition for Co-owners, Syndics & Property Managers, ended with the presentation of the trophies for renovated condominiums.

The winning projects for the “Trophées des Copros Toulouse Métropole Rénov’” were presented by François Chollet, Vice-President of Toulouse Métropole, at the SOLUCOP trade show on Wednesday, May 24, 2023. Three prizes were awarded: the “Grand Prix”, the “Prix Coup de Cœur du jury” and the “Prix du Public”.

“Grand Prix”: Paul Séjourné residence

“Prix Coup de Coeur du Jury”: Flore residence

“Prix du Public” : Negreneys residence

The winning projects are duly documented, providing a wealth of information for anyone wishing to embark on an energy-efficient renovation of their condominium. Co-owner testimonials demonstrate the many benefits to be gained from ambitious projects.

The proof is in the images: the Grand Prix-winning condominium was filmed in a short video presenting the project: Résidence Paul Séjourné (31) – rénovation énergétique d’une copropriété en site classé.

Discover all the winners by following this link here

Each award-winning project testifies to the commitment, innovation and quality of the work carried out in the field of condominium energy renovation. These success stories demonstrate that energy-efficient renovation of condominiums is not only beneficial in environmental terms, but also economically and socially. These exemplary projects serve as inspiration and encourage other co-owners to take similar steps to improve their energy efficiency, reduce their carbon footprint and enhance their residents’ quality of life.

Congratulations to all the winners of the “Trophées des Copropriétés Rénovées”! Their remarkable achievements will continue to inspire and motivate!