One of the objectives of the I-HEROS project is to scale up energy renovation through proactive actions towards residents.

An experiment is being conducted in 2023 in three municipalities within Toulouse Metropolis, targeting homogeneous residential neighborhoods comprised of individual houses. These neighborhoods were built more than 25 years ago and consist of a large number of houses built in the same year.

Following the initial series of actions in May 2023 in the municipality of Balma with a neighborhood of 405 houses, it is now the turn of the municipality of St Orens in the month of September. Two neighborhoods totaling 792 houses have been selected, and information events were organised for the residents. A public meeting was held at Château Catala on Wednesday, September 13, 2023, and gathered nearly 120 people. To provide further guidance to individuals regarding the most suitable renovation path for their situation, the advisors from the Toulouse Metropolis Renov’ One-Stop-Shop and their partners held a stand on Saturday, September 23. Approximately forty users came to inquire during the morning.

Public meeting in St Orens – 13/09/2023

Stand in St Orens – 23/09/2023