Hamburgs integrated home renovation service “Hamburger Energielotsen” is operating as a successful cooperation model since 2019. After the 5-year operational phase of the Hamburger Energielotsen, the service will be continued in 2024. This was used as a chance to integrate new services and provide a more comprehensive guidance and outreach to homeowners. The inspiration for these enhancements drew from the experiences of Toulouse Metropole and the I-HEROS project.

Based on the modular structure of the two one-stop-shops, it was discussed in several meetings with the contracting authority (Authority for Environment, Climate, Energy and Agriculture of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg) where Hamburg can learn from Toulouse and where new offers could be included to reduce barriers in the customer journey of homeowners. The plan is now to expand the one-stop-shop from the current state of an orientation model to a coordination model.

Through supplementary offers in the area of monitoring, homeowners are to be supported more continuously in their renovation efforts, even after the initial consultation. In addition, the services offered by the one-stop-shop are to be taken more actively into the neighbourhoods in order to initiate modernisation work among owners who would otherwise not become aware of the service. In these efforts, Hamburg can draw on the wealth of experience of Toulouse Metropole, which has learned through the I-HEROS project which communication channels work best through numerous events with condominium and single-family home owners.

The already successful event formats for private owners and building professionals will be continued. At the free digital information events for private individuals, they can learn more about energy-efficient building and living, the use of renewable energies and funding programmes. At the specialist events, experts can deepen their knowledge of energy-efficient planning and building and collect training points for their qualification as energy consultants. In the extension from 2024, new formats are to be tested in which more exchange can take place on site in a smaller group of participants, e.g. during a tour of a solar plant or at a new owner breakfast, renewable energy breakfast, etc.

In the middle of 2024, the Hamburger Energielotsen will start with their new offers and look forward to accompanying private and commercial owners on their way to a sustainable and climate-friendly property.