On 19 October, the Horizon 2020 projects I-HEROS and ProRetro invited all actors that are involved in One-Stop-Shops in Germany to a workshop in Berlin. During the workshop, it became clear that other countries are already much further along in accompanying homeowners on the customer journey during modernisation and which steps are lacking in Germany. Six working tables with 35 representatives of the One-Stop-Shops held lively discussions and exchanged tips from their everyday work.

The target group of the workshop were representatives from the practical field who want to learn more about the idea and implementation possibilities of One-Stop-Shops or who are already considering introducing their own One-Stop-Shop services. Among the participants, many were already involved in a one-stop-shop, for example from the cities of Hamburg, Berlin, Wuppertal, Hanover and Böblingen.

The keynote speech « Towards a climate-neutral building stock: current challenges and strategies for the future » by Mathias Koepcke (German Energy Agency) highlighted the importance of integrated advisory services for achieving climate targets in the building sector. Then the results of the ProRetro and I-HEROS projects were presented and the special features of the Toulouse One-Stop-Shop that may be relevant for the German market were introduced.



Afterwards, two rounds of discussions were held at three tables each to determine which approaches would help to advance the counselling services in Germany in the future. The tables dealt with the following topics:


  • Target group: homeowners’ associations
  • Cooperation with the trades
  • Digitalisation
  • Monitoring
  • Financing
  • Reaching out to the target group



The examples of the approaches from I-HEROS for addressing the neighbourhoods and the use of Coach Copro and the Charter of Commitment were able to provide important impulses, especially at the tables on ‘Digitalisation’ and ‘Reaching out to the target group’. When the results of the tables were presented in the plenary, it became clear how diverse the approaches developed are and also the many good practices that can be exchanged. It also became evident that the development of OSS can benefit from an intensive exchange between the actors, as the same challenges are being worked on in many places. Therefore, the workshop was an important contribution to the further development of the services and to emphasising the relevance as well as an initiation for further cooperation among the participants.

Further information: https://proretro.eu/final-workshop-of-proretro-on-19-october-2023-in-berlin

Workshop documentation: https://proretro.eu/wp-content/uploads/20231128_Documentation-final-workshop-ProRetro-and-I-HEROS_english_Web.pdf