The policy brief of the ProRetro project gives recommendations to policymakers on all governance levels wanting to establish new One-Stop-Shops in the European Member States, with a focus on Germany. As the I-HEROS and ProRetro projects have worked closely together, findings from the I-HEROS project have also been incorporated into the recommendations.

The experience of the five German One-Stop-Shops, which were accompanied by ProRetro, the One-Stop-Shops in Toulouse and Hamburg, which were established and/or optimised by I-HEROS, and the joint workshop in October 2023 served as a basis for the recommendations.

The recommendations to policymakers include the development of a standardised nationwide digital tool that facilitates the work of One-Stop-Shops. Such a digital tool could, for example, support the collection of data on the buildings to be refurbished, serve as an online marketplace for renovation projects or present successfully implemented renovations in a kind of library of examples of good practice. This type of tool is presented in the policy brief using the example of CoachCopro, which was used in Toulouse for the market analysis of modernisation potential and is used by the One-Stop-Shop for the accompaniment and display of condominium renovation projects.

The recommendations also highlight the neighborhood approach that identified owners of buildings with a high refurbishment potential through a market analysis and contact them proactively. This approach allows the One-Stop-Shop to effectively inform potential clients about its service and invite them to partake in an energy advice.

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